performance audio varios
delightfully simple

Nanovario, our smallest vario yet

1.38" x 1.38"
(35mm x 35mm)
size comparision illustration
US Quarter or Euro coin
(size to scale)

Hear it in action

What Customers Are Saying

"I use it every time I go flying ... I love the little thing."
– Nico Varas

Tiny size, BIG sound
The Nanovario is a super compact, high-resolution audio vario with a long lasting battery. Turn it on and fly, or pick from 16 pressets.



Flyte Park is a manufacturer of open source flight instruments based in Rochester New York. Our flagship product is the Nanovario, a mini audio variometer. The Nanovario is compact and lightweight, and perfect for hang glider and paraglider pilots. It can be mounted on a helmet, paragliding harness or hang gliding harness.

The Nanovario features 16 flight profiles, 3 distinct tone bands, a precision pressure sensor and over 100 hours of flying time.

The Nanovario comes with a safety lanyard and Velcro strips for mounding on a helmet and an optional harness mount is available.

I started Flyte Park because I wanted a vario that was easy to use and affordable.

At Flyte Park, we've worked hand in hand with pilots to make sure all of our products offer the best possible performance.

–Brian Vogel
Founder & Glider Pilot

Made in the USA

Our products are made in Rochester, New York.  This allows us to work closely with manufactures ensuring that our demanding requirements are met.